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Wedding is booked and coming along nicely! May 5th 2012 in East Sussex in a Country Park Estate. We're hiring a marquee, hopefully one of these beauties.. www.arabiantents.com. I've been gone so long html doesn't work anymore? Or I've forgotten how to use it? There will be rounders, there will be games, there will be afternoon tea rather than a sit down meal, partly because I find the sit down meals incredibly long and dull, partly cos I'm cheap as fuck, partly because what is better than sammiches, scones and cake? BBQ in the evening. The dress I'm thinking about getting is: http://honeypieboutique.co.uk/ourshop/prod_651109-Grace.html. The only other dresses I like are super expensive and will have to be made for me. My mummy is buying, so I can't get a really expensive dress. I envisaged more than £150 though which means I get to buy a beautiful expensiveish dress and gorgeous shoes that I'll get to wear again and again as well! It's just a blessing, so we have to marry in a registry office, two outfits! The evening will also see a candyfloss machine and rather than favours I'm having a sweet buffet.

I'm now a trainee law costs draftsman and I really enjoy it :) I have a lovely house just outside Haywards Heath with baa baa lambs right behind my back garden. My house has a name, it's a real country house. I have 4 veg patches. Life is sweet.
I can't believe my last entry was after my second year mini dissertation. Since then I have done my real dissertation and finished my degree with a 2:1. I have gone from 2 to 10 lessons but I gave up when I couldn't afford it anymore. I was about to book my test, but c'est la vie. I will take it up again when I'm working. I never stopped hating it though. I did buy myself a KA and sold it again. I don't want a banger of a car again, I will drive Phyllis until I've saved up enough to buy a fairly decent car. I pondered over doing automatic, but I don't want to be limited by that, so I'll stick with manual. Plus if I did automatic I wouldn't be able to drive Phyllis. Engaged. Moving house in a few weeks. Need to start searching for a job.

I'll try update this a bit more from now on.

Listening to Glee songs on Spotify. Love the cheese <3.
I did my biggest assignment from 10:30pm Thursday til 5:30am Friday. I had to be up at 9 to hand it in and go to work. Got home and instead of going to sleep like I should have done I went to an alternative club (so awesome - dancing to music I actually like is fab). Bed at 2:30am. Then is all went terribly wrong and I woke up at 5:45pm. I don't know how this happened?! That's an insane time to wake up. I understand how I did it sort of, but Adam did it too and he did not stay up til 5:30am, nor did he go clubbing. I really don't like messing up my sleeping pattern >.< Think I fixed it by forcing myself awake at 11am this morning.

Oh, I've had 2 driving lessons. I don't like it. People who say driving is fun lie! I'm ok at it, good clutch control (except when I just forget and take my foot off when stationary??), good steering.. but it's freaking scary! I don't like NOT being able to do something perfectly. I want to fast forward to passing. I'm going to buy a Ford KA at the end of this month, fuck everyone else's opinion, they're so cute and dinky!

I R grouchy, not too sure why. I have my pouty face on. It's a bit like this: >:(
Here are my New Year Resolutions!

1. To get to my goal weight of 9st3 by my 21st birthday (July 1st).
2. To be greener (as in recycling and shiz).
3. To get a 2.1 or higher this year. I need to work harder, stop leaving things to the last minute and make plans.
4. To exercise more. I don't do enough!
5. To be more creative. I want to take up candle and soap making. It costs quite a bit to get all the ingrediants to start with. Moulds, fragrances, colours, glitter, petals, bases, wrapping. I want to spend my time doing something other than going on the computer. Once I've gotten good enough I'll sell them on eBay.
6. To experiment with cooking more and learn new recipes. We've bought a binder to start saving recipes.
7. To give up alcohol! Adam's doing this one too. We don't drink much anyway and when we do it's either one (what's the point really?) or binge and don't stop at the right point.

I'm so painfully bored right now it's unfreaking real.
I am exactly the same today as I was last Monday! Whoop. Not only did I have a bad Friday and Saturday I completely pigged out yesterday too. I had a chicken korma which is my whole days allowence and lots of chocolate. So I'm very surprised and pleased to not have gained anything this week. I have this ticker thing which shows my weight loss and I don't want to have to move it back up. I'm hoping for a small loss next week though as although I won't be pointing during the weekend it's not going to be a gorge-fest like this weekend.

I went straight back into pointing with ease today. I remember the struggle I had to start and all the times where I've done it for a couple of days and given up. Now it's not an issue. I don't know what's different this time, but I'm doing it!

I'm wearing a pair of trousers that I just bought expecting them to fit (foolish as they're from Primark and the same trousers in the same size can vary!) and of course they didn't. That was pre-diet. I think it's the first time I've worn lowrise trousers in years. If I bend over though they show my ass!
I had people over for halloween. We just ate pizza and watched some DVDs. We watched The Craft which is not as good as I remember it and The Crow because Cat's been trying to get me to watch it for aaaages. The main guy was hot (so sad he died!) and the film was alright, but it's not epic or anything. I have done terribly with my diet this weekend. I lost 1.5lb between Mon & Fri and I didn't actually put any on after Friday's munchfest. It all depends on how much damage last night did. Next weekend will be a bad one too with the meal and bonfire night, but once that is out of the way I'll have no more temptations in my way in the run up to christmas. I will reach my target!

The masquerade ball was fun. Everyone loved my dress :) Adam got really drunk which was funny. He doesn't get the chance to drink much and he was with his workmates instead of mine so he went a bit mad. He's got a major hangover today though, bless him! He was being really sweet/funny last night.

Him: I love you
Me: I love you too
Him: No, listen! I love you!
Me: I know, I love you too sweetie. I have to go clean my teeth now.
Him: I really, really love you.
Me: I love you too. I'll be back in a minute.
Him: I'd propose to you now if I had to money to buy you a nice ring and a nice wedding.

Aww, bless him. He's such a funny (and very annoying) drunk.

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So we were the only people in the whole pub (apart from the quiz master and assistant) that were in costume! I expected that. It wasn't advertised or anything, he just mentioned it at the end of last week's pub quiz. There were prizes though and as we were the only ones dressed up we won them all! Muwhaha. Funnily enough there were 6 of us and 6 prizes.

The mummy won the top prize (bottle of JD) as "only mad people would come as a mummy and wear a cereal box on their head". I'm glad she won as she put lots of effort into making her headpiece! Next was the champagne and someone called "best clevage" and I got it. Haha. Didn't really have a clevage, but big boobs FTW. Then the next prize was a £20 beauty voucher which they gave to Adam. As a joke but awesome for me because I get to use it! I'm not sure what to have. I'm thinking either a facial, manicure or put it towards a massage or wrap treatment. The other 3 got DVDs.

I've decided after crimbo I'm dying my hair dark red. I want to get it done at the hairdressers because their dye fades less but I can't afford it at the moment.

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I've neglected this little journal a bit because I've got one on a weightloss forum and I'm always posting in that.

Every Wednesday we go to a pub quiz and today as it's halloween it's fancy dress. I'm going as a zombie! I bought a pair of £5 trousers and £2.50 top from Primark to cut up. The only trousers I liked though were smart grey ones so it seems I'm going to be a smart zombie! I actually really like the top and I'm going buy 2 more, one in each colour.

Then, masquerade ball on Saturday. I've tried the dress on with the underskirt thing and it looks really nice. Going to have to wear a bra though so I'm going to try cover the straps with the piece of material that matches the dress. It came free.. it's meant to be a shawl kind of thing but it's too small! I've started making my mask and it looks quite cool but I've got some glue blobs it, gah! I think I'll have to try stick some of the dress material on the front of that. I'll no doubt fuck that up too. I've also put the big feather on a bit wonky, but I'm past caring. I wish I bought one afterall, it's not much more expensive and so much less hassle.

I only lost 0.5lb this week. Boo. That's 10.5lb overall. I got a bit slack with my pointing and went out for lunch a couple of time so just guessed. I'm doing well this week though. I was going to have halloween off because I really wanted some pizza and a peanut butter kitkat chunky (6 points!!) but I've got to stop doing that. I'm going to have christmas eve, day, boxing day and new years eve off but nothing else. I'm still going to have half a pepperoni passion (why do I always like the highest calorie options?!) pizza which is 16 points and as it's a work day I have 24 points. I'll have a chicken and bacon deli (7) and just skip breakfast. I'm saving as many points as I can. I saved 3 points yesterday so that's 3 vodka diet cokes for Saturday! I don't want to drink too much anyway. My mum is visiting next week :D She's taking us out to my favourite restaurant. It's not a chain so I can't point it but I'm going to save as many points as I can next week and eat low point meals during that day. I'm so determined to do it. After christmas my next target will be 10 stone by my 6th anniversary (Feb 18th). I'll have about 6-7 weeks, should be easy! I could even be in the 9s!

When I get to my target I'm going to buy myself a couple of pressies:
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Last night my mum asked me to bid £200 on a sofa last minute on eBay at 12:45 pm today. She said bidding earlier pushes up the price. I agreed and told her to text me in the morning to remind me. I was about to have a shower when I checked my phone and saw a text from my mum - "Did I win?". Time, 13:38. I'd completely forgotten so sent her a text saying "No, it went for £260" as I booted the computer to delete it from her watched list so she'd never know. However, the computer clock said 12:42. Which was right?! My phone or my computer? Turns out it was my computer, the auction had 2 minutes to go, I bid, she won. Cue text "Only joking, you won it for £160".

Moral of the story, don't rely on me to do anything.

When did life get so dull? I feel old beyond my years. I feel more like 40 than 20.
My dress came. It's nice, but it's orange! Will look more exotic than elegant.

I've lost 10lb so far. Yay! Adam's lost 13lb.

Got my work experience sorted. Wildlife trust. I'm really looking forward to it, it's exactly what I want to do. Plus while I'm doing work experience I don't have to do paid work which is good and bad at the same time.